5 Facts That Will Change Your View of the Law Department

How, still confused about choosing a major? This time, I will discuss one of the departments that are also much loved, namely Law. Various stereotypes circulating about this department can in some ways shake your belief. But, is it all true? Before you believe, check the truth first!

Myth # 1: Studying in Law must be a lawyer.
Not everyone who is in law must be a lawyer or work in a law firm, friends. When you enter this department, you will get a lot of skills needed in everyday life. The ability to think, analyze, write and problem-solving will be greatly honed. These basic skills certainly can be applied to many professions. Not just as we often watch on TV, namely criminal and civil cases only. Just look at Najwa Shihab, this beautiful and critical journalist who was once a law student. In addition, Once there, who chose to pursue a career as a singer. You could say this department has the flexibility of work choice when you graduate later. You can work in the creative world, human resources, entrepreneurs, and so on.

Myth # 2: Law children must be good at public speaking.
As explained above, there are many professions in the field of law. Clever speech is not only the number one quality that must be possessed. Skills that must be possessed are strategic thinking, data analysis, processing information sources, watching what happens, and finding solutions. These things are far more important than “just” good at talking.
When you become a law student, you will learn how to make your speech more weighty. So if you want to say something, give a statement, or debate, there must be a basis. For what is good at talking if it doesn’t contain, right? Public speaking is like a computer keyboard, the more you type, the better you will be. So if you want to be good at speaking in public, you can do it often by practicing. Accustomed to seeing the audience, surely you will be more courageous, and eventually, you can. So, there is nothing to be afraid of.

Myth # 3: Children of the Law must memorize the Law.
That many laws must be memorized? It’s a bit impossible, friends. When you are majoring in law, not all of the laws are definitely clear. You still need to analyze, compare with other laws, and draw conclusions. So don’t get swallowed right away. But, there’s no harm in you having to know the important basis of the Law. It is impossible in certain conditions such as “Can I do XYZ things no?”, So you cannot answer, should you check the Lawbook first? Don’t memorize, but understand. If you understand, you will not forget.

Myth # 4: The lawyer defends the wrong person.
People, who are clearly guilty, why are they being defended? When determining right or wrong in the law, do lawyers not conflict with a conscience? Among you, someone must have thought that.
So, in law, someone is not considered guilty until convicted. The lawyer is a law enforcer. In essence, they do not directly defend someone who is considered guilty but defends the law. For example, there are terrorist suspects, then processed. Well, the duty of a lawyer is not to release the suspect, but to make sure that the suspect is not punished more than his mistake. For more details, later you will receive a Professional Responsibility course that aims to build a culture. In this course, you will interview various professions in the field of law. In addition, learning a code of ethics and doing work that is full of integrity.

Myth # 5: If you become a law student, you must be an activist.
Well, when you enter law, you will be treated to a lot of organizations that will build your character. So, don’t cover yourself up and do lots of organization while you’re still young. There will be no loss because you will learn leadership, study the law more deeply, work together to solve cases, persuade, and so on.