Preventing Traffic Accidents “Starting with Yourself”

Traffic accidents are a challenge and have a big risk for every traffic user both individually and in large numbers of people. This needs to be an important alarm for every person (crossing) to always be careful in carrying out various activities on public roads everywhere, both as pedestrians, vehicle drivers and passengers.
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The cause of an accident that occurs is usually because there is at least one of the three basic components of traffic, namely the user, vehicle and road itself that is less noticed or has a problem.
Therefore, in this paper, I will discuss one of the three components which, according to my perception, is the most crucial role so that it needs special attention to be extra careful and anticipated during traffic.
The thing highlighted here is from the human side or the user of the traffic itself.
Indeed, we know that many traffic accidents occur because they are triggered by vehicles that have problems, the road conditions themselves and also the weather.
According to my observation, until now, most of the people I met (accidentvictims) during accidents usually thought and would blame their vehicles, other people … Read More

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5 Facts That Will Change Your View of the Law Department

How, still confused about choosing a major? This time, I will discuss one of the departments that are also much loved, namely Law. Various stereotypes circulating about this department can in some ways shake your belief. But, is it all true? Before you believe, check the truth first!

Myth # 1: Studying in Law must be a lawyer.
Not everyone who is in law must be a lawyer or work in a law firm, friends. When you enter this department, you will get a lot of skills needed in everyday life. The ability to think, analyze, write and problem-solving will be greatly honed. These basic skills certainly can be applied to many professions. Not just as we often watch on TV, namely criminal and civil cases only. Just look at Najwa Shihab, this beautiful and critical journalist who was once a law student. In addition, Once there, who chose to pursue a career as a singer. You could say this department has the flexibility of work choice when you graduate later. You can work in the creative world, human resources, entrepreneurs, and so on.

Myth # 2: Law children must be good at public speaking.
As explained above, … Read More

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Many Benefits for Taking a Legal Internship

There are many benefits to taking a legal internship to become a lawyer. They include obtaining a period of legal practice before becoming a lawyer; avoid legal school debt that can reach hundreds of thousands of dollars; learn with the speed and style that is right for you; study in the field that you want to practice law; and build a network of future clients, mentors, coworkers and legal professionals.

Accepting licenses to practice law, without destroying debt, also allows a person to do legal work centered on building and strengthening society rather than making a lot of money to pay off loans. This is a truly radical aspect of the legal internship program.

The core of Law Internship
Requirements for legal internships vary by country. In California, for example, internships are required to work and study with lawyers practicing 18 hours per week for four years. Supervising lawyers must also provide monthly exam reports and biennial reports. Internships also take student law examinations after the first year. At the end of their internship, they are eligible to take a lawyer exam.

Finding Supervisory Supervisors
The first thing you need to do is find a lawyer that you can take … Read More

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