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law dictionaryThis section provides clear English definitions of widespread authorized terms used within the Legal Library. With its wealthy repertoire of examples of authorized phrases in different languages, the guide provides a blend of idea and apply, making it a beneficial useful resource not only for students of legislation, language and lexicography but additionally for legal translators and college students.

This can be a New South Wales regulation that sets out the foundations and powers of the court in civil instances (not prison cases) in New South Wales. In civil circumstances a plaintiff makes a claim for money in opposition to a defendant. The Regulation Dictionary options Black’s Law Dictionary, the trusted authorized dictionary of legislation definitions and phrases for over one hundred years.

One who is legally chargeable for the care and management of the person or property of an incompetent or a minor. Throughout the Encyclopaedic Australian Legal Dictionary authorized terms and definitions are introduced in an Australian context and are supported by both Australian legislative and judicial authority.

Arbitration awards could also be transformed into a legal judgment on petition to the court docket, until some celebration has protested that there has been a gross injustice, collusion or fraud. An individual to whom or enterprise to which the debtor owes cash or that claims to be owed money by the debtor.

For example, a guardian “ad litem” is a person appointed by the court to guard the interests of a minor or legally incompetent person in a lawsuit. Pretrial services officers deal with investigating the backgrounds of these persons to assist the courtroom determine whether to release or detain them while they await trial.