How to become a Best Lawyer in Future Business

Many people make one example of a famous lawyer as a reference for wanting to live more comfortably. Even though material does play an important role in creating the impression of an identical lawyer with fantastic rates, you must know the consequences of working as a lawyer. The duration of a lawyer’s work can be tens of hours per week according to the agreed fee. If you are still unsure whether you want to become a lawyer or not, you should know the following reasons to become a lawyer.

Someone wants to be a lawyer because they want to be a hero for social groups that have difficulty getting legal assistance, why not? So that you are more confident about taking a Bachelor of Laws education, then know the following reasons to become a lawyer:


Great salary

Fees for apprentices at law firms range from 2-5 million rupiah, but junior lawyers range from 7-10 million rupiah, while senior lawyers who open private practice can get 50-100 million rupiah per month.

Bright job prospects

Bright career prospects because you can work in advocate organizations or law firm institutions in Indonesia.

Add insight and experience

You can add insight and experience because you meet people with certain positions, clients with new problems, work environment, seniors, and other new things.

High prestige

Becoming a lawyer is synonymous with professional prestige that is no less flashy than officials or other professions.

Want to increase the intellectual challenge

Intellectual challenges are the reason you become a famous lawyer because you will continue to learn problem solving, analysis, a smart thinker, global influence, and so on.

Fields of lawyer practice are more diverse

Lawyer practice fields that vary from industry segmentation, employment law and others according to the specialization you choose. Maybe you are tempted to handle legal cases of celebrities involved in legal cases.

Work environment

A comfortable work environment, both offices and supporting facilities, is one of the reasons you choose the legal profession.

Working hours are more flexible

High flying hours make you have the opportunity to become a top lawyer. Working hours can reach 60-80 hours depending on the law firm where you work. However, those of you who already have high flying hours can determine more flexible working hours.

Can help clients affected by legal cases

The main purpose of choosing a career as a lawyer is because you want to help others who are affected by legal cases regardless of background. Lawyers are obliged to help people from the lower classes who stumble on legal cases for free without any fees according to regulations.

Are you sure you don’t want to consider the reasons for becoming a lawyer before choosing the right college major?