How To Draft Strong Demand Letters After Car Accidents

The demand letter is one of the crucial steps to take during car insurance injury claims. In it, you set out circumstances and facts for the car accident, together with details about medical treatment. This is what starts the settlement negotiations.

A very good demand letter drafted with the help of Indianapolis truck accident attorneys starts constructive negotiations and does wonders in helping resolve injury claims fast. This is why it is so important to draft a very good demand letter.

Before You Draft The Letter

Typically, the demand letter is crafted after the injured party recovers or is very close to a full recovery. This makes it simpler because you have much better records about how much you should ask for.

Make sure to gather absolutely all the information you need. The goal is to craft a forceful and coherent argument so you prove why you ask for a specific settlement. You would want to include police reports, witness statements, lost wage data, medical bills, medical records, and anything else that makes sense.

Clearly Relate Facts

You are tempted not to recount car accident circumstances inside demand letters but this is not something you should avoid. You want to offer your story about what happened and give the testimony the insurance company would expect when going to trial.

Try to include as many details as possible about what led to the car accident. Then, back up the story with the proof you gathered. The goal here is to establish car accident fault and all the evidence you have of it.

Medical Treatment And Injuries

In your demand letter, you have to include data about all the injuries you suffered, the medical treatment you received, and try to use the right medical terminology at all times. Make sure to list details of clinics and physicians visited, visit details, and a report of what happened at the visits. This will impact how much you will receive.

Medical bills are very good at highlighting medical expenses. However, you can make the letter stronger by including costs for ambulance transportation, medical devices used, prescription medication, and anything else you actually had to pay for.

Lost Wages

You are entitled to receive compensation for your lost wages. To do this, you want to include data about how much time you missed from work, details about your income, and records of missed work. Also include data in the event you had to use vacation days for covering time off from work.

The Monetary Demand

After presenting all circumstances and facts regarding the car accident, expenses, lost wages, and medical treatment, you create a summary in the demand letter. This is where you make a demand. You basically say how much money you need to cover all your losses.

Generally, this demand is a lot higher than what you actually expect to receive. This offers much more room to negotiate than if you were to simply write down the real amount you go for. After negotiations, this offers a much higher possibility of actually receiving what you are entitled to.