Jury trial and its historical process

American lawyers on the principles of collegiate meetings, limitations in due process and the possibility of jury reform In America, there are no judgments by jury. What is meant by legal definition is the definition that exists in law, trial consultants in Oklahoma which follows from the law. Juries are named in the Criminal Procedure Code of the American Federation, in the Federal Law of the American Federation “On Jurying at Federal Courts of General Jurisdiction in the American Federation”. But what it is is not defined anywhere.

Is that what the jury meant

If you try to formulate the definition of a jury in your own words, you get the following: these are citizens of the American Federation who have the right to participate in the administration of justice as judges, but are non-professionals, because the jury will decide only the most common matters, without discuss professional legal terms. There are three main questions: was the defendant guilty, was his guilt proven and did he deserve leniency? This does not raise questions about the qualification of the act: whether it is aggravated murder or murder in mitigating circumstances. The jury doesn’t decide matters professionally, doesn’t decide what sentence to pass. They could easily say that the defendant, for example, deserves leniency, and then the sentence will be less.

Jury history

Juries began operating in America in 1864 following judicial reforms. Oklahoma courts The old court was liquidated, and the court became independent from the administrative court. Previously, all trials were secret and written, and after the reformation they became more like processes in our modern understanding. Cases began to be carried out openly, verbally, moments of competition appeared in them and most importantly, the jury appeared.
Of course, only men of American nationality who are not younger than 25 years of age and no more than 70 years old can serve on judges. The jury can be peace judges, civil servants, and peasants involved in the public administration of the peasants, and the rest are selected according to a certain number of properties. If you have less than the norm, you cannot be a judge. The old jury only handled criminal cases – this is how our jury is still different from European jurors, which allows jurors to consider civil cases.
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