Should You File A Legal Separation?

legal separationSouth Carolina does not acknowledge authorized separation.” As a substitute, the South Carolina Household Courts concern Orders of Separate Maintenance and Support, which offer particular particulars relating to events’ baby custody, visitation, and support arrangements, in addition to maintaining marital assets and paying marital money owed, until the case is resolved at a ultimate listening to or trial. After evaluating your distinctive situation our legal professionals will offer you authorized choices, and with consideration of your personal state of affairs, assist you to determine whether or not steps ought to be taken in direction of authorized separation or divorce.

As a substitute of having to live individually for two years before pursuing divorce, legal separation will shorten that time period. For that reason, it is necessary that you simply come to a separation agreement you’ll be able to stay with long term.

You can not request a legal separation by way of the courts. The courtroom could observe the identical agreement that the spouses had in their separation agreement, or they could change based upon the present circumstances of the events involved. This agreement is usually made with the assistance of an lawyer and filed with the courtroom system.

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